The Gender Wage Gap Cause by Motherhood

The gender wage gap in Canada still exists, like in many countries worldwide. Due to its prevailing occurrence in numerous professions and industries worldwide, the problem was tagged as a persisting problem.

According to statistics, working women earned, on average, 87 cents while their male counterparts earn a dollar for the same work. The gap further widens as several factors are taken into account such as race, ethnicity, newcomers, or motherhood.

According to research, the gender wage gap happens to women after giving birth to their first baby. This also happens even in societies where gender equality is already embraced. However, research states that this wage gap does not happen solely because they gave birth or because of their gender.

One reason found was that women tend to switch professions or careers to have more flexible schedules. By doing so, they can work and be able to attend all the responsibilities required of them from home at the same time. Women tend to prioritize their responsibilities at home rather than their full-time work.

These jobs that give flexible schedules often pay less than other jobs that men can still take and maintain anytime. This was discovered by research teams in Scandinavia, a country that fully embraces gender equality.

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