The Rise of Authoritarian Populism

Authoritarianism is on the rise not only in countries with low GDP but also in countries that are considered rich. The United States, a country which promoted liberal democracy, now has a president that is a populist would-be authoritarian.

Anne Applebaum, an American writer, states that there is what is called as authoritarian predisposition where people have this mindset of us vs them. These people tend to like authoritarianism because of its simplicity and are tired of the democratic noise. They are also concerned about the fast-changing racial and political ideology as well as diversity.

Furthermore, now that social media is at its peak, uniting authoritarian followers and engaging them becomes easier. It opens new career opportunities for politicians that want nothing but to gain power and hence, the rise of authoritarianism.

This will probably lead to a government that ends political debates and fair election, thus paving the way for them to make sure that no one else can govern society. Anne Applebaum also states that the future lies within us.

Democracy might fade soon in the future but there is still a possibility that it would be revived by people who denies identity gaps and cultural clashes.

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