CERB Extended for Employees Affected by COVID-19 Pandemic

The Canada Emergency Response Fund or CERB allows Canadians who were affected by the pandemic in terms of lay-off will receive an additional 8 weeks payment from the original 16-week program.

The lay-off should have happened after March 15 and whether it is permanent or temporary, you are eligible to receive money amounting to $12,000. However, even with this CERB, many people are still concerned, especially after the CERB ends.

The program is a success and the application every four weeks is not that much of a hassle since there are hardly any questions asked. The money is literally for everybody but then, it becomes more susceptible to fraud.

Furthermore, people are anxious about what would happen after the CERB payment ends and they are still jobless or not able to work because of health issues. After March 15, they would be under the CERB program but after the 24-weeks allotted tine for CERB and you still haven’t got any job, you should apply for EI or the employment insurance.

In this program, you will receive your full employment benefits. You would be able to receive at most of 45 additional weeks of financial support but it depends on the unemployment rate in your area as well as the insurable earnings you have accumulated.

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