The Worsening Climate Change

Flooding, fires, melting of icebergs and many changes in the environment caused by climate change has always been bad news for the people of Canada. There are solutions imposed for this but in the long run, it becomes the problem in itself, therefore, causing the climate change problem in Canada to reach its peak.

Several activists and politicians proposed a Green New Deal which aims to mobilize government resources to decarbonize the society. Carbon-based industry workers would be affected but the green deal covers all the services and support they need. This solution has a tag of win-win which attracts people from diverse ideologies.

There are several Green New Deal versions across Canada wherein the New Democratic Party created a version that will call for action on climate change. They also want to create green jobs throughout the country with financial benefits like reducing energy expenditures.

On the other hand, the Green Party created a “Mission: Possible” campaign where they are calling for at least 60% of carbon emission to be reduced by 2030. This is possible according to them by banning fracking activities and shift to decarbonized electricity. They aim for Canada to be carbon-neutral after a decade.

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