Post-Pandemic Shopping in Canada: What Would It Look Like?

Maybe you have wondered what would happen in the world after the COVID-19 pandemic. Would we continue to embrace the new normal or just go on like we used to before? Imagine if it would become a must to shop online and just make an appointment in clothing stores to fit those clothes that you want to buy.

This will limit and control the number of people inside the shop plus no display items to avoid touching of garments. Just everything you have checked-out on your app is the things you could touch. All payments should also be made online and no physical money should be used to avoid physical contact with both customer and salesperson.

This is how people envision what it would look like shopping in the post-pandemic time. No more leisure window shopping and casual store visits to unwind and free your mind from stress. Digital Assistance would be widely used for shops and some also used an augmented reality so that customers would be able to try on testing products on their faces.

Retailers are pushing for contactless payment, customer support via phone and they want their fitting rooms to be equipped with AR to minimize the unnecessary touching while shopping.

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