How Experts Envision the Year 2020

Experts have thought of a stable, steady, and fair 2020 for us all. This was six months ago where Canadians stated their prediction for the upcoming economy of 2020. They said that the economic trajectory would continue and will be fine. These people talking about the economy are all sample citizens of their respective towns.

They talked about the legalization of cannabis, how the government could do better, and climate change. They have ranked their finances mostly on the range of 7 points to 10 points out of 10. Some representatives have become worried about the national debt while others did not care at all.

Furthermore, they thought that peace would be broken and the international economy is threatened because of the trade wars that happened in the late months of 2019. They look forward to the upcoming 2020 United States presidential election and consumers continuously spend their money over anything.

This is how these people envisioned the year 2020. In April, they would be in a movie theater enjoying themselves. In June, watching the NBA championship finals and in summer, they would be out there partying and attending music festivals. This is the usual happenings but things made a great turn.

The normal things that can be actually done easily and the things we enjoy are now just a vision. Things aren’t stable anymore and the COVID-19 pandemic is the one thing that these sample representatives never saw coming for the year 2020.

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