The Call for Cannabis Use

After the legalization of cannabis, people use it like it is some kind of a miracle drug. They say it makes the pain go away and reduces anxiety. It also makes you extremely happy and can cure depression. CBD is now gaining momentum in Canada.

However, cannabis still has some side effects on your health that may cause concerns, and the study of cannabis isn’t complete yet as experts still have a lot of questions that weren’t answered. The effect of cannabis is different on everyone, depending on the age, genes, and their overall health. The amount of cannabis intake also takes part in different body responses.

Although there are health claims about THC and CBD, experts said that there is still no strong evidence from clinical trials that proves it.

Cannabis companies now promote cannabis by mixing it with alcohol or creating products for young adults to try. This may lead to the abuse of the drug which is not part of the goal of health experts in legalizing cannabis use.

This type of marketing and promotion which is unethical may lead to a disaster health crisis. They only publicize the benefits of cannabis but not the side effects and simply ignoring the possible harm it may bring.

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