The Nationalist Vision

Many politicians have risen that use visceral statements in their campaigns that target the minorities of the society. They used social media to show their support for the nationalist on the far-right. This is all same with Donald Trump, Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, Viktor Orban of Hungary, and Marine Le Pen’s of France.

They are against immigrants, nationalists, protectionists, and is shredding out the free movement of the people hence, the democracy of the people is now in danger. These nationalist leaders show that they are the only ones who can protect the workers who are less-educated and that media are just puppets with foreign interests.

Also, nationalist ideas make people fight until death for the people they never once met. They used nationalist power in emotion to mobilize people to act in frightening, irrational yet constructive ways.

The rising nationalism sentiment wouldn’t be easy to defeat and it will require time at the same time change in politics. We need to ask for transparency in all institutions of government and accountability for those in power.

Also, the level of income for workers should be guaranteed that even if they did lose their jobs, they are guaranteed to survive until they can get a new one. The force of nationalism is quite strong today and to defeat it, we believe that we need to use the vision of inclusivity in politics.

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