Top Reasons Why Printing Custom T-Shirts Will Boom in 2020

Having your own custom hoodies business, you most likely understand how this market trend has changed. You have to give your customers what they are looking for so that you can attract more sales. Therefore, you must know the latest in T-shirt designs.

If you are thinking about starting your own custom T-shirts business, it is good to know that you can reach your target sales with this business. Here are some more reasons why printing these shirts will be in trend in 2020.


Each year, many people venture into a new business. Therefore, it can be a bit difficult to gain the attention of the target market.

Some companies opt to have custom shirts made to let their business be known and reach out more quickly to their target market. Car manufacturers put their logos in front and back of the cars for branding.

TV Series Trend

Game of Thrones, Money Heist, and Stranger Things are some of the TV series that are on-trend now. Therefore, it will not be hard not to find someone who is not a fan of these shows. Many fans like to wear their favorite characters on their shirts, whether the show is still showing or not.

Building Team Spirit

For the past couple of years, many businesses have discovered how important it is to make a harmonious relationship among the employees. Customized shirts are a good idea to create a strong relationship in the workplace. It can make the departments better work together. As a result, the employees will feel more committed and motivated to help the company attain its goals.

Creating Loyalty

In this age of technology, business competition is getting stiffer. What makes it more challenging is that it can take several months or years for businesses to gain loyalty from their customers. According to research, customers will keep coming back if they have a good experience from the business. Therefore, businesses can opt to give them custom shirts.

Fashion Statement

Fashionistas always want to make a statement through their clothes. What better way for them to do this is to wear customized shirts. They can stand out by wearing this kind of shirt and express their style more freely.

More Affordable Marketing Strategy

Compared to other advertising strategies such as TV commercials, having custom shirts made is one of the most affordable but effective ways to do marketing. Tools for designing a shirt online have made it easier for people to pick out their prints.

A shirt with good quality lasts longer, which makes the printed logo or design last longer. This is one of the factors for the increasing demand for custom shirts.


More and more people have become more aware and concerned about environmental issues. Therefore, they want to promote the use of environment-friendly items. T-shirts that show environmental awareness also utilize less carbon and energy. You can also try to have a t-shirt printing business that is eco-friendly.

Final Word

Starting a Custom T-shirt business in 2020 is a good idea because the demand for it is increasing. If you have a passion for design and tshirts then you should go for it.


The Call for Cannabis Use

After the legalization of cannabis, people use it like it is some kind of a miracle drug. They say it makes the pain go away and reduces anxiety. It also makes you extremely happy and can cure depression.

However, cannabis still has some side effects on your health that may cause concerns, and the study of cannabis isn’t complete yet as experts still have a lot of questions that weren’t answered. The effect of cannabis is different on everyone, depending on the age, genes, and their overall health. The amount of cannabis intake also takes part in different body responses.

Although there are health claims about THC and CBD, experts said that there is still no strong evidence from clinical trials that proves it.

Cannabis companies now promote cannabis by mixing it with alcohol or creating products for young adults to try. This may lead to the abuse of the drug which is not part of the goal of health experts in legalizing cannabis use.

This type of marketing and promotion which is unethical may lead to a disaster health crisis. They only publicize the benefits of cannabis but not the side effects and simply ignoring the possible harm it may bring.


The Nationalist Vision

Many politicians have risen that use visceral statements in their campaigns that target the minorities of the society. They used social media to show their support for the nationalist on the far-right. This is all same with Donald Trump, Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, Viktor Orban of Hungary, and Marine Le Pen’s of France.

They are against immigrants, nationalists, protectionists, and is shredding out the free movement of the people hence, the democracy of the people is now in danger. These nationalist leaders show that they are the only ones who can protect the workers who are less-educated and that media are just puppets with foreign interests.

Also, nationalist ideas make people fight until death for the people they never once met. They used nationalist power in emotion to mobilize people to act in frightening, irrational yet constructive ways.

The rising nationalism sentiment wouldn’t be easy to defeat and it will require time at the same time change in politics. We need to ask for transparency in all institutions of government and accountability for those in power.

Also, the level of income for workers should be guaranteed that even if they did lose their jobs, they are guaranteed to survive until they can get a new one. The force of nationalism is quite strong today and to defeat it, we believe that we need to use the vision of inclusivity in politics.


Transparency of Canada COVID-19 Vaccine Purchase

There is already a federal deal between Pfizer and Moderna with the Procurement Minister Anita Anand. However, the purchase details are all secret and cannot be released without her approval. She only stated that she secured a million doses of vaccine candidates for COVID-19.

However, when asked how many millions of doses, she did not say anything further and told the press that there is an ongoing vagueness with several potential vaccine providers. Both Moderna and Pfizer are already in their large-scale trial phase, unlike other vaccine manufacturers that are still in their early phase.

Expert critics have stated that this move is too slow in securing vaccines knowing that there is an ongoing heat up in international competition for vaccines.

Also, critics have said that the situation is similar to the Salk polio vaccine wherein the federal government has purchased millions of vaccines even before the vaccine trials have been completed and proven that is both safe and effective on humans. The World Health Organization has 28 laboratories who are competing for the COVID-19 vaccine and is now under trials.

The federal government made another announcement made by Minister Catherine McKenna after allotting at most 10% of the infrastructure program fund to the pandemic crisis response. The money will be used for building health infrastructures, parks, schools, bike lanes, and disaster adaptation and mitigation.


Post-Pandemic Shopping in Canada: What Would It Look Like?

Maybe you have wondered what would happen in the world after the COVID-19 pandemic. Would we continue to embrace the new normal or just go on like we used to before? Imagine if it would become a must to shop online and just make an appointment in clothing stores to fit those clothes that you want to buy.

This will limit and control the number of people inside the shop plus no display items to avoid touching of garments. Just everything you have checked-out on your app is the things you could touch. All payments should also be made online and no physical money should be used to avoid physical contact with both customer and salesperson.

This is how people envision what it would look like shopping in the post-pandemic time. No more leisure window shopping and casual store visits to unwind and free your mind from stress. Digital Assistance would be widely used for shops and some also used an augmented reality so that customers would be able to try on testing products on their faces.

Retailers are pushing for contactless payment, customer support via phone and they want their fitting rooms to be equipped with AR to minimize the unnecessary touching while shopping.


How Experts Envision the Year 2020

Experts have thought of a stable, steady, and fair 2020 for us all. This was six months ago where Canadians stated their prediction for the upcoming economy of 2020. They said that the economic trajectory would continue and will be fine. These people talking about the economy are all sample citizens of their respective towns.

They talked about the legalization of cannabis, how the government could do better, and climate change. They have ranked their finances mostly on the range of 7 points to 10 points out of 10. Some representatives have become worried about the national debt while others did not care at all.

Furthermore, they thought that peace would be broken and the international economy is threatened because of the trade wars that happened in the late months of 2019. They look forward to the upcoming 2020 United States presidential election and consumers continuously spend their money over anything.

This is how these people envisioned the year 2020. In April, they would be in a movie theater enjoying themselves. In June, watching the NBA championship finals and in summer, they would be out there partying and attending music festivals. This is the usual happenings but things made a great turn.

The normal things that can be actually done easily and the things we enjoy are now just a vision. Things aren’t stable anymore and the COVID-19 pandemic is the one thing that these sample representatives never saw coming for the year 2020.


The Work from Home Trend

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected the work routines of everybody and forced companies to instill a work from home set up. The industry of finance, customer support, and marketing are just some industries that can operate fully while working from home while other industries who need physical labor, such as construction, have been stopped.

Because of this trend, experts have been asking how wide and big does a company office should be. Darren Fleming, a real estate CEO, states that client needs now, in terms of space, are much different than before the pandemic happened. This also can result in office space demand dropping, ranging anywhere from 10% to 25% in the next few years.

In the past months, many offices were already cleaned out. Rogers will not renew its lease on Ottawa call center, and the Ottawa headquarters, which housed the think tank for almost 35 years, is already for sale. Many companies have also created a restructuring plan for their offices which greatly reduced the office number into half. Office centricity is now over and thus, experts think that work from home will continue to be the top trend even after the pandemic.


The Rise of Authoritarian Populism

Authoritarianism is on the rise not only in countries with low GDP but also in countries that are considered rich. The United States, a country which promoted liberal democracy, now has a president that is a populist would-be authoritarian.

Anne Applebaum, an American writer, states that there is what is called as authoritarian predisposition where people have this mindset of us vs them. These people tend to like authoritarianism because of its simplicity and are tired of the democratic noise. They are also concerned about the fast-changing racial and political ideology as well as diversity.

Furthermore, now that social media is at its peak, uniting authoritarian followers and engaging them becomes easier. It opens new career opportunities for politicians that want nothing but to gain power and hence, the rise of authoritarianism.

This will probably lead to a government that ends political debates and fair election, thus paving the way for them to make sure that no one else can govern society. Anne Applebaum also states that the future lies within us.

Democracy might fade soon in the future but there is still a possibility that it would be revived by people who denies identity gaps and cultural clashes.


The Worsening Climate Change

Flooding, fires, melting of icebergs and many changes in the environment caused by climate change has always been bad news for the people of Canada. There are solutions imposed for this but in the long run, it becomes the problem in itself, therefore, causing the climate change problem in Canada to reach its peak.

Several activists and politicians proposed a Green New Deal which aims to mobilize government resources to decarbonize the society. Carbon-based industry workers would be affected but the green deal covers all the services and support they need. This solution has a tag of win-win which attracts people from diverse ideologies.

There are several Green New Deal versions across Canada wherein the New Democratic Party created a version that will call for action on climate change. They also want to create green jobs throughout the country with financial benefits like reducing energy expenditures.

On the other hand, the Green Party created a “Mission: Possible” campaign where they are calling for at least 60% of carbon emission to be reduced by 2030. This is possible according to them by banning fracking activities and shift to decarbonized electricity. They aim for Canada to be carbon-neutral after a decade.


Canada’s Official Job Report

Last June 5, Canada and the United States have released already their job reports which shows a rundown of what happened on the jobs during the period of lockdown. These job reports will help in providing insights regarding the shock to the labor markets around the United States and Canada as well as to their economies.

However, experts are calling for several adjustments to be made during job reports for it to be more effective. They are proposing to check daily Canadian’s job status and look into it. This may be an economic indicator since it shows how fast or slows an economic activity is. Also, look into the workers’ income.

Having a job does not necessarily mean that they are in the full capacity of earning money since some people are doing freelance work and Uber services. After several job platforms become digitalized, this will be the first time that an economic shock might hit Canada so including these types of jobs is a must to determine the impact of Covid-19 on the livelihood of Canadians.

Besides, think of psychological status as equal to the importance of the economy. The behavior of citizens is most likely a factor in a crisis so including it in the forecast might be necessary to create an effective policy.

Lastly, the possibility of 2nd economic shock is high so be prepared.  In this time of a pandemic, the government helps in supporting people who lose their job. However, what about after the pandemic and businesses do not re-open like we think they would?

This will greatly impact the job report and the economy so policymakers should have a plan regarding this and carry out in terms of needs.